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Term & Conditions

  1. The stay of the present customer(s) would be entirely on Manager's (or owner's) discretion.
  2. No part payments or credits would be accepted.
  3. No cooking appliances allowed in the room.
  4. Any damage to the property made by the customer would be reported to the police, and customer would be responsible to pay for the damage.
  5. Customer(s) must take cleaning service at least twice a week, your safety is our value.
  6. Pets are absolutely not allowed for the weekly customer(s).
  7. Requests of certain appliances would be entertained if it is legal and only on Manager's (or owner's) discretion.
  8. Customer(s) must have specified the no. of people staying in the room at the point of entry. Any extra person (guest or visitor)- whoever is not registered staying more than a day must be reported or action may be taken against the customer(s).
  9. The stay of guest(s) with the customer(s) in the room depends entirely on Manager's (owner's) discretion at anytime.
  10. Manager(owner) reserves the right to change the rent for the rooms anytime.
  11. For any loss or damage to customer's property, neither any employee nor the employer (manager, owner) would be responsible.
   Your stay is important to us, and it should be mutually beneficial. Please call at the office should you have any questions regarding the above policy.

 Thank you,
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