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Reservation policy

    Following guidelines are applicable to both walk-in and phone reservations:

  • Without guest name, credit card number/expiration date, telephone number, number of guests to arrive and duration of stay, reservation is not considered to be confirmed
  • Guests who want to reserve room(s) must provide date of arrival in order to obtain confirmed reservation status
  • If possible, guests need to provide the time they intend to arrive at (reservation is considered confirmed if guests can provide tentative time of arrival
  • If there is a special request, it has to be made at the time of making the reservation, otherwise, we might not be able to accommodate (special request include a spare bed in the room, extra towels etc.)
  • At the time of reserving the room, guests are provided with a confirmation number, all guests are advised to use the same number at the front desk at the time of arrival
  • In event of cancellation, guests are advised to cancel their reservation at least seven days prior to check-in date in order to avoid any cancellation charges. Failing to do so, a charge of 50% of the total rent amount will be applicable
  • In case of no show or no cancellation call, 100% of the total rent amount will be charged.
  • A cancellation number is assigned to all cancellation calls, in case of any query, guests are advised to use this number for all future correspondence
  • Guest(s) must provide the credit card number to cancel the reservation
  • No changes will be made in rates at the time of arrival of the guest(s). Whatever was confirmed in the email, phone, or in case of prior personal inquiry would be the final rate.
  • Guest(s) are requested to say the exact number of people coming. If more show up than was requested, extra charges will be applied.
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